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Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

1. Village and suuq

2. Water is gold

3. Olives and oil

4. Big view

5. Suuq Afla

6. Jewish heritage

7. Sunset


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Where water is gold

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

The setting right behind the main suuq, is the main attraction. The landscape around is unusually fresh for Morocco, and even more so for this part of the country.
Great to see and explore, it is early or late in the day that the colours and contrasts become strong and good for photographing. You can follow the wadi (the seasonal river) from the point of the footbridge all through Ifrane until you're near the tall mountains. But the walk is demanding as the pebbles are big and slippery.
The irrigation system between the villages of Afla and Ifrane is impressive and in excellent condition. The sides of the canals can also be used as roads to lead you through the palms.

By Tore Kjeilen