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Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

1. Village and suuq

2. Water is gold

3. Olives and oil

4. Big view

5. Suuq Afla

6. Jewish heritage

7. Sunset


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Olives and oil

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

These smiling people waved me into their garden as I was trying to make some anonymous photos from a distance. As they were laughing, smiling and ready for any possible position I could imagine, it was only the lack of singing that kept it away from appearing as a happy musical.
After leaving the olive fetchers, and passing the village of Ifrane, I came to the local olive press. A donkey was the engine, and three men had their full job in this little factory producing olive oil for both local use and sale outside Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas.

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen