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Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

1. Village and suuq

2. Water is gold

3. Olives and oil

4. Big view

5. Suuq Afla

6. Jewish heritage

7. Sunset


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Hotels and alternatives
No hotels, but the unnamed cafe next to the mosque and the Cafe de la Paix offer extremely basic rooms at very low prices. Value for money is OK in both cases, but de la Paix is the better of the two.

Restaurants and alternatives
Two cafes in the main suuq serve food on order, but not by menu. I had one of my most fantastic meals ever right here with a goat tajine served minutes after the sun had dropped blow the horizon.

Change Money
Go to Goulimime.

Infrequent buses, and some taxis. Relatively easy to get here from Bou Izakarn, but you should allow yourself a little extra time to wait around.

By Tore Kjeilen