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1. Forest in January

2. Fortress village

3. Down the wild river valley


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Imlil hotels

Auberge Chez Ait Idar Mohammed (t. 044 485616) Good value for money
CAF refuge (No phone) OK value for money

El-Aine (t. 044 485625) OK value for money
Aksoual (t. 044 485612) Good value for money
Atlas Gite Imlil (t. 044 485609) Good value for money
Auberge la Vallee (t. 044 485216) Good value for money
Cafe Soleil (t. 044 485622) OK value for money
Etoile de Toubkal (t. 044 485618) OK value for money
Maison d'Hotes Imlil (t. 044 485643) Good value for money

Kasbah du Toubkal This place also has dorms, which are in moderate price category. (t. 044 485611) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing fancy here, and only one hotel offers mid-class standards, but then at a price. There are some simple hotels, the kasbah does accept visitors (arrange in advance from the Hôtel Foucauld in Marrakech. Imlil has also a good number of its residents renting out rooms for hire. Standards are then very, very basic.

Restaurants and alternatives
Some simple restaurants offering everything from OK to very good food. But do not expect fancy surroundings, and do not get upset from prices that are about twice of what you would pay elsewhere in Morocco.

Change Money
It is best to have done in Marrakech to the north or Taroudannt if you're coming from the south.

There are occasional buses and slightly more frequent shared taxis running at least between Asni and Imlil, and sometimes directly from Marrakech.

There are several companies in town that will rent guides for every possible trek in the mountains.

By Tore Kjeilen