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El Jadida

El Jadida

1. Portuguese cistern

2. Portuguese town

3. Old harbour

4. Miles of sand


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El-Jadida hotels

Bordeaux (t. 023 373921) Good value for money
de France/Maghreb One hotel with two entances. (t. 023 3421) Excellent value for money
Moderne (t. 023 343133) Good value for money
de Nice (t. 023 352272) Good value for money
de la Plage (t. 023 342648) Good value for money
Suisse (t. 023 343816) Good value for money

Cristour (t. 023 342643) OK value for money
Bruxelles (t. 023 342072) Good value for money

de Provence (t. 023 342347) OK value for money
Royal (t. 023 342839) OK value for money

Palais Andalous (t. 023 343745) Good value for money

Sofitel Royal Golf 7 km north. (t. 023 354141) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Not many hotels around, and the few there is tend to fill up quickly in summer time. And you get slightly less for your money here, compared to other cities along the Atlantic coast. Outside season, prices drop dramatically.

Restaurants and alternatives
Just like hotels, there are not many restaurants around, and in general quality appears to be below what is found in most other coastal cities.

El-Jadida has a number of discos which unfortunately has turned into a type of brothel, where the ordinary woman, Moroccan or foreign, will feel uncomfortable. Some of the better hotels, do however have more normal opportunities.

Change Money
Plenty of banks.

Good on buses and shared taxis in all directions. Trains? Forget it. You will see from maps and some guidebooks that there is a train station for El-Jadida. But somehow this has been put 15 km (and El-Jadida is not a big city!) out into the countryside, so you will need a taxi to get there.

Going next
Azemmour (20 km north-east), and must be among the most relaxed cities in Morocco, yet the old town is definitely worth a visit.
Oualidia (80 km south-west), is another good holiday city. And a great place for eating oysters.
Casablanca (100 km north-east). When you're this close, how can you not visit Casablanca.

By Tore Kjeilen