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Kenitra, Morocco

Kenitra, Morocco

Kenitra is not a typical destination for tourists, there is little of any old city, and the modern architecture is not unique in any sense. Kenitra is simply a town where people live normal lives, and they don't care about doing anything special to attract tourists. Still, you will feel perfectly welcome here — as a matter of fact, Kenitra is about as relaxed as Morocco gets.
The only clear attraction of Kenitra, are the many nightclubs. These are mainly on the seedy side, and in most of them, unaccompanied women is best defined as prostitutes. In some of the better places, there is less prostitution.

Kenitra hotels

du Commerce (t. 037 371503) Good value for money

Ambassy (t. 037 379978) Good value for money
d'Europe (t. 037 371450) Good value for money
de la Poste (t. 037 379982) Good value for money
La Rotonde (t. 037 371401) OK value for money

Farah Swimming pool (t. 037 373030) Good value for money
Mamora Swimming pool (t. 037 371775) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Fair number of hotels, covering standards from simple to good. Value for money can be questionable, though. There is also a campsite on the southern edge of the town.

Restaurants and alternatives
The same situation as with hotels, a fair selection of simple and mid-range places to eat.

Many seedy nightclubs and bars, which in almost all cases are designed for prostitutes and businessmen to meet.

Change Money
All you need of banks, which do all types of services.

Good connections with nearby places, with both train, buses and shared taxis.

By Tore Kjeilen