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Khenifra is not part of the tourist trail of Morocco. It is however located in between important destinations, the most popular route between Fez and Marrakech will lead you through Khenifra. Being a long journey, breaking it in Khenifra is not a bad option: The landscapes out here are too nice to be lost in long night travels.
There are remains of a kasbah built by the command of Moulay Ismail here, and the souq on Sundays could be worth a stop.

Khenifra hotels

Melilla (t. 055 384609) Poor value for money
Sahara (t. 055 385318) Good value for money

Arego (t. 055 586487) OK value for money
Atlas (t. 055 588030) OK value for money

de France (t. 055 384520) Good value for money
Hammou Zayani (t. 055 586020) OK value for money

Najah (t. 055 588331) OK value for money

There are several hotels in town, fitting most travellers needs.
Restaurants are equally adequate, some of the better hotels also come with the best restaurants.
Several daily buses to many destinations, like Marrakech, Meknes, Fez, Kasbah Tadla, Beni Mellal, Azrou and Midelt.

By Tore Kjeilen