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1. Football in Sahara

2. Flamingo lake

3. Place Mechouar

4. Suuq Djemal

5. The new mosque

6. Saharan architecture

7. The Spanish cathedral


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Flamingo lake

Flamingo lake near Laayoune

Flamingo lake near Laayoune

Flamingo lake near Laayoune

Seldom mentioned in any guide, and apparently unknown to most locals, the flamingo lake is easily found if you head down from Suuq Djemal to the river. A number of shining blue lakes, in between sand dunes and with rich and green vegetation, is adorned by a rich bird life, of which white flamingoes are the main attraction.
Unfortunately, the zoom of my digital camera at the time was not powerful enough to catch any birds, so you just have to belive me when I say that there are plenty of birds here.
The flamingo lake has no name, but is probably the most beautiful spot around Laayoune. After visiting Sahara a good number of times, I know how rare places like these are: Small blue lakes in between the sand dunes.

By Tore Kjeilen