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1. Football in Sahara

2. Flamingo lake

3. Place Mechouar

4. Suuq Djemal

5. The new mosque

6. Saharan architecture

7. The Spanish cathedral


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Urban Saharan architecture

Old Spanish military barracks

The climate of Laayoune is hard, and has inspired an architecture that is not found further north in Morocco. There are two main examples.
The top photo shows a typical leftover from the Spanish, easier to construct than the "real" thing, these were made for soldiers. They are now used by people of Laayoune without the funds to move into a what is normally considered as a proper home.
The real thing is the house with a dome of about 4 metres diametre inside. This style is used also for houses being put up in our days.

From the main street in Laayoune

By Tore Kjeilen