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1. City cliffs

2. Old prison

3. Stork's castle

4. Old city

5. Fort of small domes

6. Town centre

7. The church

8. Town at night

9. Spanish cemetary

10. Tiny ferries

11. The beach

12. Sunset


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City cliffs

Just down from town centre the wildest cliffs of Larache are found. While the spot is soooo beautiful, it is criminally polluted. If you put on sandals, and step carefully over the garbage of the locals, you will soon find yourself in the area where fierce waves keep everything tidy.

Kids swimming without fear. Larache, Morocco

Watching the brave kids jumping into water without fear and swimming around with the elegance of seals is great. This point is just 20 metres away from Larache downtown.

The cliffs follow Larache as far as the city stretches in southern direction. At the very end, the cliffs merge with the old Spanish cemetary.

Cliffs of Larache. Seen from south, looking north

Cliffs of Larache as seen from south, in northern direction. Further behind is the city beach, divided from Larache by the Loukos river.

By Tore Kjeilen