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1. City cliffs

2. Old prison

3. Stork's castle

4. Old city

5. Fort of small domes

6. Town centre

7. The church

8. Town at night

9. Spanish cemetary

10. Tiny ferries

11. The beach

12. Sunset


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Old city

Old city of Larache

Lets dive! Moving around the old city involves walking the roads that fall quickly in direction of the sea and the river.

While the old city of Larache is far from being large, it is surprisingly easy to get lost in. Roads bend and twist and the sun beams seem to fall in every direction. Fortunately there is practically no hustling in Larache, so people will be most helpful if you ask them. Because, you have to ask them here!

Kids love to be photographed here!

Kids love to be photographed in Larache. And there is now way that they will move out of the image, when they have discovered you and your camera. But, what's the purpose of pictures of empty streets anyway?

By Tore Kjeilen