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1. City cliffs

2. Old prison

3. Stork's castle

4. Old city

5. Fort of small domes

6. Town centre

7. The church

8. Town at night

9. Spanish cemetary

10. Tiny ferries

11. The beach

12. Sunset


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The beach

The beach of Larache is a clean surprise. It is wide, long, full, friendly, but with potentially dangerous waves. The very same day as these photos were made, four kids had almost drowned if not the local rescue boats had come to save them. However, there are plenty of official beach guards who blow their whistles if you start to swim out too far.

The beach of Larache, Morocco

The beach is a popular place all through the summer, as well as a place where women can feel safe from unwanted attention.

The beach of Larache, Morocco

The sun sets, and the last swimmer is wondering if the water is still warm enough.

By Tore Kjeilen