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1. City cliffs

2. Old prison

3. Stork's castle

4. Old city

5. Fort of small domes

6. Town centre

7. The church

8. Town at night

9. Spanish cemetary

10. Tiny ferries

11. The beach

12. Sunset


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Larache hotels

Cervantes (t. 039 910834) Good value for money
Hay Essalam (t. 039 96822) Excellent value for money
Malaga (t. 039 911868) Good value for money
Pension Amal (t. 039 912788) Good value for money

Espana (t. 039 913195) Good value for money
Ksar Al Baraka Out of town. (t. 039 520262) Good value for money
Riad (t. 039 912626) Good value for money

La Maison Haute (t. 065 344888) Excellent value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Good on hotels, even if there is little to choose from for people with money. Summer comes with higher prices and more problems on finding a vacant room. But more of a problem in this season are the marriage parties, where there is a tradition of driving around town from 23.00 till 4.00 in the morning with cars, honking constantly. Closing windows will not be enough

Restaurants and alternatives
Excellent on food, and you can vary the Moroccan cuisine with some Spanish food. Larache offers a lot for connoisseurs of sea food.

There are no discos in town, but Larache does not go to bed early in summer — town centre is bustling until around 24.00.

Change Money
Larache has necessary banks for changing money, as well as at least two ATMs that handle international credit cards (mainly VISA).

Buses serve Larache well, and are convenient, and will bring you to the most important destinations. Taxis are tricky, and the taxi drivers are apparently better off than their colleagues elsewhere in Morocco.

By Tore Kjeilen