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1. Amphitheatre, baths

2. The acropolis

3. The Christian basilica

4. The garum factories

5. View of the Loukkos


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Amphitheatre and baths

Lixus, Morocco

Lixus, Morocco

This is tragically a part of Neptun's face. In situ for almost 2000 years, but chopped out in 1998.

Lixus has a rather small amphitheatre that hardly would have been able to house more than a couple of hundred people. But is well positioned with a greath view of the Loukkos river.
The amphitheatre dates back to the 1st century AD, but it was unearthed as late as 1964.
The baths right behind the stage has some really nice mosaics, and even if kids have hacked away its most important part, the centre, there is still a lot to see right here.

By Tore Kjeilen