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1. Amphitheatre, baths

2. The acropolis

3. The Christian basilica

4. The garum factories

5. View of the Loukkos


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The acropolis

Lixus, Morocco

While most of Lixus still is underneath the protecting soil, the acropolis — the town centre — has been dug out and offers much information on how life was 2000 years ago.
The area is about 3000 m² big and is mainly covered by half metre high remains from normal houses and shops. There are also some colonnaded streets left but most of the columns are since long chopped off.
At the end of the acropolis, also the hill comes to an end. This gives the area a special attraction s most of it is set with the estuary of the river Loukkos as background.

Lixus, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen