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1. Beach promenade

2. Kids playing in the sea

3. Sweets in the sunset


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Martil hotels

Addiafa (t. 039 688010) OK value for money

Marhaba (t. 039 689029) Good value for money

Estrella del Mar (t. 039 979058) OK value for money
Etoile de la Mer (t. 039 979276) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
The accommodation styles of Martil reflects who are the main clientele: Moroccan middle-class and below. Your choice goes from the well-run family camping near the beach to 2/3-star hotels in the town centre. Prices can be a bit on the expensive side during the summer months, but that time of the year, call yourself lucky if you find a vacant room at all.

Restaurants and alternatives
Restaurants are surprisingly boring, considering that this is an all-Moroccan tourist resort. Unfortunately (for foreign visitors) Moroccans want to taste food that is different from what they get back home (like all other tourists!), so a large part of the offer of Martil is poor Western-style snack joints.

Martil has a couple of discos which are visited by both sexes, and without the large presence of prostitutes that you often find in larger cities. But Martil is lively deep into the evening even outside the discos, and lots of people do the stroll for hours after sunset.

Change Money
Go to Tetouan.

Frequent taxis run between Martil and Tetouan at all times. Price is 3,50 dh during the day, 5 dh in the evening/night.

Martil had in the summer of 1998 an Internet cafe which had good and reliable connections at modem speed. Price was 25 dh for an half hour.

By Tore Kjeilen