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1. Imperial city

2. Bab el-Mansour

3. Koubba el-Khayatine

4. Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail

5. Dar el-Makhzen

6. Heri es-Souani

7. Details

8. Agdal basin

9. The medina

10. Suuqs

11. Dar Jama´

12. Medersa Bou Inania

13. Mausoleum of Sidi ben A´ssa

14. Flogging wool


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Meknes hotels

Agadir (t. 055 530141) OK value for money
Maroc (t. 055 530075) OK value for money
Nouveau (t. 055 679317) OK value for money
de Paris (no phone) OK value for money
Regina (t. 055 530280) Poor value for money

Meknes (t. 060 838680) Good value for money

d'Hotes Riad (t. 055 530542) Good value for money
Ryad Bahia (t. 055 554541) Good value for money

Palais Didi (t. 055 558590) Good value for money

Ville Nouvelle

du Marche (t. 055 400133) OK value for money

Bordeaux (t. 055 522563) OK value for money
Excelsior (t. 055 521900) OK value for money
Toubkal (t. 055 522218) Good value for money
Touring (t. 055 522351) OK value for money
Youth Hostel (t. 055 524698) OK value for money

Bab Mansour (t. 055 525239) OK value for money
Majestic (t. 055 522035) Good value for money
Ouislane (t. 055 521743) Poor value for money
Palace (t. 055 520407) OK value for money
Volubilis (t. 055 525082) Good value for money

Bab Mansour (t. 055 525239) OK value for money
Akouas(t. 055 515967) Good value for money
Ibis Moussafir Meknes (t. 055 404141) Good value for money
Rif (t. 055 522591) OK value for money

Zaki (t. 055 514146) Good value for money

Transatlantique (t. 055 525050) OK value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Hotels in Meknes cover all scales from simple to exclusive. Prices are realistic for all classes. Note that Meknes has a higher number of hotels that rent rooms on hour basis, in cooperation with nearby night clubs. My last time in Meknes I stayed in such an hotel, but the only thing I felt like complaining about, was the total lack of hot water.
Hotels in the old town, normally only cover the lower scales — good hotels are located in the new town.
The listing below is extracted from several sources. Its content may be subject for change. VM=Value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
Meknes' restaurants are better and more numerous than the population of the city would indicate. In the old town, a couple of restaurants claiming to be "the best in Morocco" are found. These are really good, even if they might not be the best in the country after all.
The new town has more restaurants, which cover all scales and price levels, with the exception of the most expensive.

A couple of swimming pools are open to public, and not expensive.
Meknes has a number of great religious festivals (which can be visited by non-Muslims), which take place in fall every year.

Meknes has a small number of bars, as well as larger number of night clubs that really serve as brothels, often in cooperation with nearby hotels. There is little to expect of typical Western nightlife.

Change Money
Meknes has all necessary banks for changing money, and some of the larger hotels are ready to serve you to.

Good connections with buses, taxis and trains. Train station is in the eastern half, and so is one of the two bus stations. The other bus station and the taxi station is in the western half. The distance between the two centres for travelling, is as much as 2,5 km. Connections to Moulay Idriss and Volubilis are on the western side.

By Tore Kjeilen