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1. Medina Sidonia

2. Happy houses

3. Town beach

4. Leaving Africa


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Melilla hotels

Pension el Puerto (t. 952 681270) Good value for money
Residencia Cazaza (t. 952 684648) Excellent value for money
Residencia Parque (t. 952 682143) Excellent value for money
Residencia Rioja (t. 952 682709) Good value for money

Anfora (t. 952 683340) Good value for money
Avenida (t. 952 684949) OK value for money
Nacional (t. 952 684540) Good value for money
Pension al Rosa Blanca (t. 952 682738) Excellent value for money

Rusadir (t. 952 681240) Good value for money

Melilla Puerto (t. 952 695525) Good value for money
Parador Swimming pool (t. 952 684940) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Quite OK on sleep, but basic places are about 2- 3 times more expensive than Morocco, while moderate standard and higher are about as expensive as Morocco. Melilla's phone system is part of the Spanish system. Calling internationally, dial (international code) + 34 + phone number indicated.
The Camping de Rostrogordo is located 2 km north of town and is well maintained and with friendly prices (t. 952 685262).

Restaurants and alternatives
Not too bad, there are plenty of places to eat in Melilla.

Spanish style night life, which involves later hour activity than you would find in Morocco. And alcohol prices are only a fraction of Morocco's and the beer a lot better.

Change Money
All necessary banks for changing money (pesetas). In general, Moroccan dirhams can be changed too, but there is little to gain or lose compared to changing money in Morocco.

Buses and taxis bring you all the way to the border on Spanish side. But you will have to cross it as a pedestrian, unless you bring your own vehicle. As there are far more possible destinations when you're on the Moroccan side, the offers on transport is better here.

By Tore Kjeilen