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1. Christian convent

2. Berrem, or Walnut Kasbah


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Midelt hotels

Atlas (t. 055 582938) Good value for money
Centre Timnay Inter-Cultures Swimming pool 20 km north. (t. 055 360188) Good value for money

Bougafer (t. 055 583099) Good value for money
Roi de la Biere (t. 055 582675) Good value for money
Safari Atlas (t. 055 580069) Good value for money

Auberge Jaffar Swimming pool 6 km west. (t. 055 583415) Excellent value for money
el-Ayachi Swimming pool (t. 055 582161) OK value for money
Kasbah Asmaa Swimming pool 3 km south. (t. 055 580405) Good value for money

Midelt, Morocco

The Kasbah Asmaa.

Hotels and alternatives
Midelt is not a bad place to be stranded, with very decent budget options, and mid-range hotels that has a touch of elegance and luxury. If moving around a bit is no problem, check out the Centre Timnay 20 km north.
Near the Hotel el-Ayachi is a campsite, with only the most basic facilities. It is hard to find any good reason to stay here rather than using one of the budget options.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat in the hotels or in the Restaurant du Fes or the Restaurant Le Pin. Expect to get good food at normal rates.

The best place appear to be Timnay, 20 km north.

Change Money
Several banks, last reports say there are no ATMs around.

Being the most important town in its region, Midelt is a good place to find connections to any likely destination. You can choose between buses and shared taxis. Buses leave on schedule, taxis when full. Taxis are less comfortable, but faster and marginally more expensive.
Casablanca takes about 7h, Rabat 6.5h, Rissani 5h, Er-Rachidia 2.5h and Erfoud 4.5h, Azrou 1.5h, Meknes 4h, Fez 4h, Sefrou 4h, Nador 11h.

By Tore Kjeilen