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Moulay Idriss

Moulay Idriss

1. The shrine

2. River valley

3. The round minaret

4. Street scenes

5. Local kids

6. Vegetable market

7. Seen from the valley


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Hotels and alternatives
There are reportedly no hotels in Moulay Idriss, perhaps in order to prevent the embarrassement of making local authorities explain to non-Muslim visitors that they cannot rent a room here. Some guide books claim that it is possible to rent rooms with local families, no matter what your religion may be.

Restaurants and alternatives
OK on food, but what is offered is without extravagance. The Restaurant Trois Boules d'Or is reported to be good, reasonably priced and very attractive with its great views from on top the main hill of Moulay Idriss.
The nougat of Moulay Idriss is quite famous, and can be bought virtually anywhere.

Change Money
No banks at last visit in 1997.

As you're very close to Meknes, connections to other parts of Morocco represent no big problem early in the day. As getting up early in the morning a part of the pious interpretation of Islam, connections dry out early in the afternoon.

By Tore Kjeilen