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Shadows of development

Nador, Morcco

Nador, Morcco

Nador, Morcco

The setting is quite brilliant. Nador avoids one touristic problem for the African part of the Mediterranean coast: You never get the both the sea and the sun in front of you (which you do on the European side). Nador is actually facing south, and even more, right outside it there is a lagoon. Sounds great?
But Nador was set out to be an industrial town, and is stamped by that today.
Cement factory and a university, and official offices dominates, not happy tourists. There are no beach side restaurants, no picturesque ports with fishermen returning at sunset. And unless I was seriously misguided, Nador comes without any important sights and good museums.

Nador hotels

Ibn Khaldoun (t. 056 607042) OK value for money
al Khattabi (t. 056 330390) Good value for money
Maghreb (t. 056 604664) OK value for money
la Marche Verte (t. 056 606721) OK value for money
Nador (t. 056 606071) Good value for money

Geranio (t. 056 602828) Good value for money
al Habib (t. 056 332924) Good value for money
Ismail (t. 056 332653) Good value for money
Mediterranee (t. 056 606495) Good value for money

Mansour Ed-Dahabi (t. 056 606583) Good value for money
Marbella (t. 056 603900) Good value for money
Ryad (t. 056 607717) Good value for money

Rif Swimming pool On the beach. (t. 056 606535) Excellent value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Normal good opportunities on hotels.

Restaurants and alternatives
Fairly good on restaurants, especially downtown, where you can eat fish you choose from large trays with fish. You pay according to weight, and it is quite affordable.

Change Money
All necessary banks for changing money.

Bus and shared taxis are the only sensible ways of moving out of Nador, particularly because the station of Nador is very central. People having their own vehicle, will have few problems moving around inside the city.

By Tore Kjeilen