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1. Zawiyya of the Tabiya

2. Steep, narrow streets

3. Mosque of Moulay Abdullah Sharif


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Ouezzane hotels

el-Alam (t. 037 460264) Poor value for money
Marhaba (t. 037 907182) OK value for money

Bouhlal (t. 037 907154) OK value for money
Grand (t. 037 907096) Poor value for money

Hotels and alternatives
4 basic hotels, of which Grand Hotel is the least recommended.

Restaurants and alternatives
The restaurant and grill-cafés are slightly better than the hotels, you will be able to eat OK to good food. There is a handful of places to choose between around Place de l'Independance.

Change Money
There is a normal bank in town performing normal change services.

There are OK connections to and from Ouezzane. The grand taxis and buses run fro the same station, and works well. Note that in the afternoon, and especially in the evenings, the frequency of departures drops dramatically.

By Tore Kjeilen