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1. The medina

2. Dancing in trance

3. Food sellers

4. Bab el-Wahab

5. Ramadan cookies

6. Countryside


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Oujda hotels

du 16 Aout (t. 056 684197) OK value for money
Afrah (t. 056 686533) Good value for money
Chic (t. 056 690566) Good value for money
al-Hanna (t. 056 686003) Good value for money
l'Oasis (t. 056 683214) Good value for money
Royal (t. 056 682284) Good value for money
Tlemcen (t. 056 700384) Excellent value for money
Victoria (t. 056 685020) OK value for money

Angad (t. 056 691451) Excellent value for money
La Concorde (t. 056 682328) Good value for money
des Lilas (t. 056 680640) Good value for money
Lutetia (t. 056 683365) OK value for money

Al Manar (t. 056 688855) Good value for money
al Massira (t. 056 680467) Good value for money
Oujda Swimming pool (t. 056 684093) Good value for money
Raiss (t. 056 703058) Good value for money
Ryad (t. 056 688353) Good value for money

Ibis Moussafir Swimming pool (t. 056 688202) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Depending on the number of visitors from Algeria (restricted access for them at the moment), finding a good hotel in your class, can be everything from very easy to very difficult. There are no hotels at the upper end.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating is easy, and offer fair meals for most stomachs, at reasonable prices.

Good music activities, which normally take place in late evening hours.

Change Money
All necessary banks for changing money.

Air connections with Rabat and Casablanca. Trains, buses and taxis serve most likely connections well, but getting to the right station can sometimes be awkward.

By Tore Kjeilen