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1. Skiing in January

2. I'm sliding!!!

3. Original village

4. High altitudes


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Oukaimeden, Morocco

Ouka´meden hotels

CAF refuge (t. 044 319036) Good value for money

de l'Angour Price include half board. (t. 044 319005) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Ouka´meden's fanzy hotel has closed down, and what remains are a basic CAF refuge and a friendly mid-range place! Most Moroccans coming up here, return in the afternoon for Marrakech.

Restaurants and alternatives
Prices tend to be very high all year around here, whether it is the local Moroccans coming up here that have too much money, or the locals simply being extremely optimistic when seeing a foreigner, I don't know.
Before using any of the simple restaurants and food stalls, check out the restaurant in the Hotel de l'Angour. It may be both cheaper and far better.

Ski lifts, obviously. Ouka´meden has 5 lifts, and 7 runs. Depending on snow conditions, only few of these may be operative. Lift pass costs 30dh half a day, 50dh for a full day.
Full ski equipment, save clothes, costs 70-80dh for a day.
There are several ski instructors, charging 150dh for a half day and 250dh for a full day. Occasionally, there are classes with individual costs a fraction of that, but most of these accept only kids.

Change Money
No banks, change money in Marrakech.

Shared taxis will bring you between Oukaïmeden and Marrakech at an affordable cost. Should you need individual transport, you will discover how taxi drivers start planning the financing of their children's education, simply by hearing the magical word 'Oukaïmeden'. 300-400 dh for the 75 km (each way) is outlandish by Moroccan standards, but you might be a better haggler than me.

By Tore Kjeilen