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For the zealous traveller, the market town of Rich has its charm with a few picturesque quarters and a location on the Ziz River in between barren mountains. The town sees its share of visitors enjoying the grand landscapes in this part of Morocco, on route between Midelt and Er-Rachidia.
South of Rich the main stretch of the Ziz Valley opens up, an area which also is rich in ksours. The gorge is about 25 km from Rich.

Rich hotels

Al Massira (t. 055 589340) Good value for money
Salama (t. 055 589340) Good value for money

There are both basic, but decent hotels here, as well as places that comes as close to being restaurants as you could realistically ask for in this part of the country.
In early mornings there are fair connections with shared taxis to Midelt (75 km north) and Er-Rachidia (80 km south). Ask ahead!

By Tore Kjeilen