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1. Between palms and castles


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Skoura, Morocco

The fabulous Dar Ahlam.

Skoura hotels

Auberge la Palmeraie (t. 044 852268) Poor value for money
Chez Slimani (t. 044 852272) OK value for money

Ait Ben Moro (t. 044 852116) Good value for money

Dar Ahlam EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! Swimming pool (t. 048 852239) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Skoura's hotels offer the weirest stretch in qualities, from the filthy to the fantastic. And virtually nothing in between.

Restaurants and alternatives
Consider Ait Ben Moro for a splurge. Chez Slimani serves also very nice food. Apart from that there are only a couple of simple café-restaurants, that will make an adequate lunch, but which offer little in terms of dinner.


Change Money
Nothing. Change your money in Ouarzazate.

The most likely transport out here, is by bus from Ouarzazate. There are connections with grand taxis, but these run only when full. Getting from Skoura is more of a hassle, as the bus passing through town, coming from or going to Ouarzazate, are often full.
Moving around in the oasis, is generally best done on your feet. Some roads allow driving, but if you don't arrive here with your own vehicle, you will experience that local taxis are rare in Skoura. Hitching, however, is a good alternative.

By Tore Kjeilen