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1. The Zawiyya

2. The mosque

3. The old mosque

4. Alive at night

5. Domed barracks

6. Scenes


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The Zawiyya

Women of Smara on their way to the zawiyya to hold up their baraka

The real entrance to the zawiyya of Smara, after you have entered the old palace

The zawiyya of the Blue Sultan is a living zawiyya, or cult centre of popular Islam. It remains very popular with Smarian women of all ages.
The large photo shows the entrance, with the official guardian standing to the right, making sure that dogs and non-Muslims (like me) do not enter. While you may not be allowed into the best parts, the outer rooms and courtyards of the sultan's palace are very attractive with the docarative stone walls; uneven stones fit together with great skill and sometimes arranged to make patterns.

Relaxing after making prayers inside the zawiyya, completing the religious obligations

By Tore Kjeilen