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1. The Zawiyya

2. The mosque

3. The old mosque

4. Alive at night

5. Domed barracks

6. Scenes


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Smara hotels

Atlas (No phone) OK value for money
el-Azhar (No phone) OK value for money
Erraha (No phone) Poor value for money
Erraid (t. 048 888104) OK value for money
les Fleurs (t. 048 899558) Good value for money
les Hotes (t. 048 899772) OK value for money
de Paris (t. 048 899986) OK value for money
Sables d'Or (No phone) Poor value for money
Sakia el Hamra (t. 048 899524) Good value for money
Sidi Abderrahman Teheli (No phone) OK value for money

Maghrib el Arbi (t. 048 899151) Poor value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Smara has no classifieds hotels, but a couple of the unclassifieds are very nice and clean, even if they are far away from any form of luxury. Prices are reasonable, from around 140 dh and down to 30 dh for a double. All hotels lie near the town centre, and less than a few hundred metres from the bus station.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are little to choose from in terms of restaurants. Some hotels have menues for foreigners, but this cost more than it tastes. Simple cafés are easy to locate, some of these are so basic, that you will have to buy your own meat at the next door butcher, and then they will have it prepared for you and served with nothing more than a salad and bread. Everything is, of course, very affordable.

Change Money
Smara has fortunately a couple of banks that both change money and give cash withdrawals from major credit cards.

Smara is well served with both buses and grand taxis going either to Tan Tan (and further) and Laayoune.

Be careful of not photographing any military objects- of which there are many around town.

By Tore Kjeilen