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1. The simple life

2. Oregano Mountains


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Oregano mountains

Taliouine, Morocco

Taliouine, Morocco

Off the main road, in this desolate mountain landscape, a good 1,500 metres above sea level, about 2 kilometers walk through a smooth landscape of oregano filled hills, which transmit scent while you pass it, and step on the small plants, lies two hill top- cave establishments, once probably serving as a graveyard, but now used by goats through periods of hardship in winter or in summer.
The surrounding area is a breathtaking composition of colours, with deep violet rocks with yellow stones spread around, black stones, and the snow capped mountains if High Atlas far away, behind the smaller hilltops of this part of Anti Atlas. To my great surprise I spotted a tractor ploughing the fields below us, out here, so far from every settlement.

Taliouine, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen