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Goats in the trees

Tamri, Morocco


It is quite a sight, the goats balancing on the narrow branches of the Argan trees. Contrary to what some might think, the goats do not climb the trees because of draught or anything. They are simply too small to reach the berries standing on the ground, and argan berries is about the best food a Tamri goat could imagine.
But when the occasional tourist has shot his photos and returned to his taxi or rental car, the most interesting process has just begun. After digesting the berries the goats will leave behind manure with the large kernels. The manure is collected by local women, the kernels extracted, washed (I hope), then grinded and pressed. The result is the argan oil.
In this part of Morocco, the argan oil is used widely for food or for the health, like the skin. Thanks to its delicious taste and flavour (you just have to forget how it came to be). Argan oil together with mashed almonds and sugar makes a tasty paste that can be eaten just with normal bread and a cup of mint.
One final advice: Buy your argan oil from general oil stores in cities like Agadir. They offer the best quality and far lower prices than the local farmer.

For hotels, there is nothing here. For eating, your only option are road side cafes, that seldom do more than an omelette, or if you are really lucky, a tajine. There is also nothing for chaning money.
All real services are done in Agadir 60 km south, or Essouira 130 km north.
Getting here, or away, are by buses and shared taxis that pass through. This could involve some waiting, as both often are full when they pass through Tamri.

Tamri is quite famous for its lagoon that offers good bird watching opportunities.

By Tore Kjeilen