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Tan Tan

Tan Tan

1. Hollow in the flat mountain


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The nowhere town

Tan Tan, Morocco

Tan Tan, Morocco

Tan Tan must be one of the least exciting places in Morocco. There are no traces of ingenuity put to practice anywhere. Houses are fair enough, but a total dullness covers everything. There are good possibilities for staying overnight, which is important as it is more than half a day's journey in both northern and southern direction.
Tan Tan holds no expatriates, and you won't wonder why. It might be some 10,000 people living here, but this place is a dump, marked by the fact that they come from all over Morocco, and many seem to plan their return. The result is a lack of Moroccan, Berber or Tuareg identity, and even of modernity.

Tan Tan, Morocco

Just a few kilometres out of Tan Tan, the dull town becomes geographically interesting. It comes clear that it is located to a bowl of former sea bed.

Tan Tan hotels

Al-Aoubour (t. 048 877594) OK value for money
Bir Anzarane (t. 048 877834) Good value for money
Dakar (t. 048 877245) OK value for money
el Hagounia (t. 048 832783) OK value for money
Tafoukt (t. 048 877031) Good value for money

Madina (t. 048 760928) OK value for money
Royal (t. 048 877186) OK value for money
Sables d'Or (t. 048 878069) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Good on (very, very!) basic hotels, but little to find for those with slightly higher demands.

Restaurants and alternatives
Restaurants are few and far between. Cafés serving simple dishes would be your choice, but many waiters down here do not speak any language except their local tongue, so be patient.

Change Money
Necessary banks for changing money.

Good connections going both north and south with both taxis and buses.

By Tore Kjeilen