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1. Town beach and trash

2. Beach walk

3. Atlantic beaches

4. The medina

5. Medina gate

6. Petit Socco

7. Inside medina house

8. Medina kids

9. On the cliffs

10. American Legation

11. Grand Socco

12. Green market

13. Kasbah place

14. Bab el-Kasbah

15. Around the Kasbah

16. Sultan's palace

17. Place de France

18. Colonian beauty

19. The palaces

20. Wedding musicians


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Tangier hotels

Magellan (t. 039 372359) OK value for money
Olid (t. 039 931310) OK value for money
Pension Atou (t. 039 936333) Good value for money
Pension Fuentes (t. 039 934669) Good value for money
du Grand Socco (t. 039 933126) OK value for money
Pension Hollanda (t. 039 937838) Good value for money
Pension Madrid (t. 039 931693) Excellent value for money
Pension Mendes (t. 039 933159) OK value for money
Pension Omar Khayyam (t. 060 491613) OK value for money
Pension Palace (t. 039 936128) OK value for money
Pension Victoria (t. 039 931299) Good value for money
Youth Hostel Near beach. (t. 039 946127) Excellent value for money

Andalucia (t. 039 941334) Excellent value for money
Ibn Batouta (t. 039 939311) Good value for money
Mamora (t. 039 934105) Poor value for money
el-Muniria (t. 039 935337) Good value for money

Biarritz (t. 039 932473) Good value for money
Bristol Near beach. (t. 039 942914) Good value for money
Continental Near beach. (t. 039 931024) Excellent value for money
Djenina Near beach. (t. 039 942244) Excellent value for money
Marco Polo Near beach. (t. 039 941124) Good value for money
Mamora (t. 039 934105) OK value for money
Miramar Near beach. (t. 039 941715) Good value for money
Nabil (t. 039 375407) Good value for money
de Paris (t. 039 931877) Good value for money

Atlas (t. 039 936435) Good value for money
Rembrandt Swimming pool (t. 039 937870) Good value for money
Sheherezade Swimming pool (t. 039 940809) Good value for money
Solazur (t. 039 940164) Good value for money
Tanjah Flandria (t. 039 333314) Good value for money

Chellah Swimming pool (t. 039 324457) OK value for money
Dar Mouchka (t. 076 384633) Good value for money
Dawliz Swimming pool (t. 039 370661) Excellent value for money
Ramada Almohades Swimming pool Near beach. (t. 039 940755) Good value for money

El Minzah Swimming pool (t. 039 935885) Excellent value for money
Mövenpick Swimming pool (t. 039 329300) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Excellent on hotels, but note: the really cheap places often are very bad, and don't be shocked if you hear the rhythmic song of swinging mattresses from the room next door. The differences between the good hotels and the "we don't mind"- places, could be seen already at the reception. A sign saying 'no strangers allowed into the rooms' is a clear indication, otherwise look for the small details. You could even ask directly.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating is very good in Tangier, there are many restaurants around, and the value is often excellent.

There are plenty of beaches around Tangier, but the town beach, to the east of the harbour, is dirty and unattractive. Catching a cab or a bus will however bring you to one out of many very good beaches.

Lots of bars and night clubs, considering that you are in Morocco. In most of these, however, the majority of Moroccan women are prostitutes. Only in a handful of high class discos/bars have a normal clientele.

Change Money
Plenty of banks for changing money.

Excellent connections to anywhere in northern Morocco, but you will have to catch a taxi to get to all the stations — now even the town railway station has been closed down.

Tangier is said to be the place in Morocco with highest rates of HIV-positives — so if you're one of many visitors coming to Tangier to take the opportunity of easy available sex, do not make a mistake of believing that normal use of contraceptives is unnecessary, simply because you're in a Muslim country.

By Tore Kjeilen