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1. City streets

2. City walls

3. Berber market

4. Arab market

5. Place Assareg

6. Kasbah


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Taroudannt hotels

les Arcades (t. 048 852373) Good value for money
Atlas (t. 048 551880) Good value for money
les Oliviers (t. 048 852021) OK value for money
Roudani (t. 048 852219) Good value for money
Soleil (t. 048 551707) Good value for money
el-Warda (t. 048 852763) Excellent value for money

Saadiens (t. 048 852589) Good value for money
Taroudannt (t. 048 852416) Good value for money

Tiout (t. 048 850341) Good value for money
Residence Riad Maryam (t. 066 127285) Good value for money

Palais Salam Swimming pool (t. 048 852501) Good value for money

Gazelle d'Or EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! Swimming pool (t. 048 852039) Good value for money

Hotel decoration in Taroudannt, Morocco

Charming if dominating decorations in the Hotel Tiout in Taroudannt. It appears that the same artist has been selling his act to several hotels in Taroudannt, but Tiout is among the more successful.

Hotels and alternatives
Fairly good. Cheap hotels are OK, but there might be the need to shop around, as quality differs a lot and independent from prices.
Middle class hotels are a bit of a problem, as they tend to rent out crampy rooms where you will have to choose between facing busy and noisy streets, or facing a covered and claustrophobic courtyard.
All through the year, getting a room, is fairly easy.

Restaurants and alternatives
Slightly limited on restaurants, food stalls often represent the best deals. But there is one restaurant that should be tested, the Chez Nada, which serves the second best tagines that I have tasted in Morocco.

Change Money
All necessary banks for changing money.

Very good connections with bus. Taxis only serve Agadir.

By Tore Kjeilen