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Tichka plateau

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High valleys of wildflowers

Tichka, Morocco

As scenery goes, the Tichka Plateau is a highlight. Although off the most dramatic peaks of the High Atlas, the Tichka Mountain itself reaches 3,350 metres. But other peaks reacher even higher, up to 3,615 metres to the east and up to 3,550 metres to the south.
Tichka is a region where you will find great solitude, something that increasingly is lost around Toubkal Mountain. Visitors during spring time will find a region of wildflowers. The Nfis Valley begins at the foot of Tichka Mountains and runs east before heading north in direction of Marrakech. It is a great area dominatd by gorges and oak forests.
Arranging for trips into this region is done either in Taroudannt to the south or in Marrakech to the northeast. There are fairly few general, organized trips here, but tour operators will be able to offer tailor-made excursions at a price.

By Tore Kjeilen