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1. The simple houses


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Hotels and alternatives
Considering its remoteness, Tinerhir comes with an impressive range of hotels. They cover every standard from basic but proper to near-luxury. Value for money is normal, and there is really not need to book room in advance. All hotels lie in town centre, only the local camping ground is a bit out of town.

Restaurants and alternatives
Almost as good as for hotels. There are many options, but it is generally little to gain by visiting the most expensive hotel restaurants.

The two hotels have bars, but only the one at Hotel Kenzi Bougafer is open to non-residents.

Change Money
No problem, banks will give you every service, as well as the reception in the best hotels.

Good connections in either western (Ouarzazate) or eastern (Er-Rachidia) directions. You can choose between buses or grand taxis. Neither offer much in terms of comfort, and due to the distances, it could be a good idea to buy two seats in order to get more space.
In order to get to Todra Gorge, you will either have to arrange your own transportation (hire car (expensive) or hire a taxi) or join one of the guided trips (cheapest).
If you want to head into the Sarhro Mountains, note that the roads are to bad for most normal vehicles. Renting your own 4x4 or joining a guided tour is the best for most. You could convince a taxi driver to take you some of the road, and then walk into the mountains on your own. If you do, you should be well experienced with hiking in mountains, equipped with a good map, a compass, provisions and a sleeping bag — or bring a guide and follow his instructions.

By Tore Kjeilen