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Todra Gorge

Todra Gorge

1. Restaurants in the bottom

2. The full height

3. The final clearing


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Todra hotels

Atlas Primarily a reasonably-priced camping ground. (t. 044 895046) Good value for money
Auberge Baddou At Tamtattouchte. (No phone) OK value for money
Azlag (No phone) Excellent value for money
Camping du Lac Primarily a reasonably-priced camping ground. (t. 044 895005) OK value for money
Etoiles des Gorges (t. 044 895045) OK value for money
Kasbah Taymat At Tamtattouchte. (No phone) Good value for money
el Mansour (t. 044 834213) Poor value for money
Source des Poissons Sacres (t. 044 895157) OK value for money
la Vallee (t. 044 895126) Excellent value for money

Auberge-Camping Le Festival Affordable camping, also. (t. 044 834832) Excellent value for money
Les Roches (t. 044 895134) Good value for money

Aicha (t. 044 895210) Good value for money
Camping Le Soleil Primarily a reasonably-priced camping ground. (t. 044 895111) Good value for money
Yasmina Price includes half board. Affordable tents, also. (t. 044 895109) Good value for money

Amazir 5km before gorge. (t. 044 895109) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
From the point where you come to the entrance of the gorge, and even through the gorge, there are a number of charming hotels. None offer much in terms of luxury, but the dramatic nature would make that unnatural. Still, value for money is good, and even when some of the hotels fills up with package tourists, other hotels will have spare rooms.
Four hotels doubles as camping grounds.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat in the hotels, and once again value for money is good. But the presentation is simple and variation limited.


Change Money
Nothing. Do this in Tinerhir just 5 km south.

As long as you have made it to Tinerhir, you actually could do well without motorized transportation. There is a new great for every 100 meters you pass. But this would mean that most of one long day would be used in the region. If you are short on time, arrange for a return taxi from Tinerhir.

The best time for visiting between 8.00 and 13.00, as the angle and the low sun in the afternoons make it difficult to shoot great photos.

By Tore Kjeilen