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Hotels / Luxurious 6

Hotel Gazelle d'Or, Taroudannt

Hotels in this category cost generally between 1,000dh and 4,000dh for a single and 1,100dh to 6,000dh for a double.
In this category, magic should happen and expect nothing less but the best, both in room standards, hotel facilities and service. Most hotels in this category also have staff that successful combine snobbishness and elegance to a friendly, service-minded attitude.
Many hotels in this category come close to theme hotels, and the theme is usually something Moroccan. A few internationally famous hotels belong to Luxurious 6, but there are a few great secrets to be explored too.
"Everyone" believes that Marrakech's Mamounia is the country's most expensive hotel. For those looking for putting together the most expensive Morocco holiday possible, the Gazelle d'Or in Taroudannt is twice as expensive.
An increasingly popular type of hotels in Morocco are riads, and the finest such are of this category, naturally. Riads, especially those arranged by the best builders and designers, are nothing less than spas for your eyes and mind. Can you afford it, spend a night or more at one of Morocco's finest riads, but remember not to fill these days with more activities than what allows you plenty of time to do just about nothing while your eyes and senses wander in Moroccan designs and colours.

By Tore Kjeilen