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1. The Mexuar

2. The Serallo

3. The Lions' Court

4. The Harem

5. Ladies' Tower

6. Alcazaba


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Alhambra, the Mexuar

Alhambra, Spain

The Patio of the Golden Room. Photo: Tor Eigeland/Saudi Aramco World/PADIA

The Mexuar was the parts of the Royal Palace where the sultans conducted the everyday administration and business. It is far from the most striking parts of Alhambra, slightly modest in its decoration. Visitors are allowed into a number of its rooms, like the reception hall completed in 1365, and the Golden Room, which was only open for the staff of the palace.
The most attractive part of the Mexuar is the Patio of the Golden Room, wits its facade to the Serallo.
Alhambra, Spain

By Tore Kjeilen