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1. The Mexuar

2. The Serallo

3. The Lions' Court

4. The Harem

5. Ladies' Tower

6. Alcazaba


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Alhambra, the Harem

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Photo: Tor Eigeland/Saudi Aramco World/PADIA

The Harem of Alhambra springs out of the Lions' Court, and consists of a nice selection of rooms and one bath. To the south of the court is the Hall of the Abencerrajes with the most fantastic ceiling in the entire Alhambra. The ceiling is 16-sided with stalactite decorations, lit by windows in the dome itself, with light that is reflected by the fountain on the floor.
As your neck is already bent back, you might continue into the Hall of the Two Sisters. The ceiling here is made up of more than 5,000 honeycomb cells.
In the Hall of the Kings you will find a very unusual form of art: Lifelike representations of humans, which is forbidden by Islamic law. While the artist most probably was a Christian, it was the Muslim Nasrid rulers ordering the decorations. And they let it stay.
The last important sight of the Harem are the Baths, which cannot be entered, but rather seen through the doorways.

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

The ceiling of the Hall of the Two Sisters. Almost impossible to give justice on photo. Photo: Tor Eigeland/Saudi Aramco World/PADIA

By Tore Kjeilen