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Marra Mountains

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Climbing the volcano

The Darfurs highest mountain Jabal Marra,on 3068 metres, is really a dead volcano, with large crater, where in nature, trees, grass and animals have taken over. The whole expedition up is quite a challenge, Some of the paths you follow have steep falls on one side, while you sometimes will find yourself in places you can't find on the map you might have brought along. And that is of course the moment when no locals are within sight.
Even if some areas are abundant with water, the climb up the hills will soon bring you into areas that remain dry most of the year around. Bringing your own water, and lots of it, can decide whether you'll come out this alive or not. Trekkers are telling stories on how they found water by mere hazard, close to the end of what they could take. The whole adventure should take at least two days, but if you find good solutions to water and food problems, staying the double time is strongly recommended. Count on covering a distance of at least 100 km.

Eat and Sleep
Your own tent or a sleeping bag if you feel sure that no rain will ruin your night. There are some rest houses in the mountains, but it can be a little bit difficult to find some of them. Another, and very nice, possibility is sleeping in the homes of locals. If you do this, try to come up with a small token showing your gratitude.

You start off in Nyala, and jump on some lorry running either to the village called Nyatiti (west) or to Menawashi (north). Manwashi is located twice as far from Jabal Marra as Nyatiti.

Going Next
200 km southeast: Nyala

By Tore Kjeilen