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1. Sidi Fredj

2. Borj el-Hissar

3. Remla, the "capital"

4. El-Attaia

5. Sweet ferry ride


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Still the charm
While the other town of the Kerkennahs, Remla, has little charm to offer, things are somewhat better in fishing village of El Attaia. Most of the streets here are simple, and much the same way as they have been for a long time now.

El Attaia, Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia

Development is still far away from El Attaia, and there is most certainly here a feeling of overwhelming relaxation. Even if most of the houses are inhabited, you'll have no problems discovering that the Kerkennahs have lost a large part of its inhabitants in recent decades.
The main attraction is of course the port, situated at the strait between the island of Gremdi and the northern parts of the village. At days of drizzly weather, the 20-30 blue and red fishing boats in wood is a spectacular sight. There is little doubt that the fisher men put a lot of pride into owning a fishing boat, as all are very, very well-kept. How couldn't this place have been if the same pride had been poured over their houses, too?
Travellers with good knowledge of modern Tunisian history will probably visit the "museum" 3 km to the west, containing no more than the fishing boat in which Habib Bourguiba escaped from the French during the fight for independence in the 1950s. El Attaia, Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen