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Beni Barka

Beni Barka

1. Stones falling down


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Stones falling down
The ksar of Beni Barka is not there for a long time more. Except from certain parts, it is now dominated by heaps of stones that once were houses. Beni Barka was founded in the 14th century by a Libyan tribe, and from the few parts that are not walled, you will have a great view over the Jebel Abyad.

Beni Barka, Tunisia

The walls of the ksar follows meticulously, and must have taken thousands of hours to construct, and possibly a good number of human lives as well.

Beni Barka, Tunisia

The entrance to the ksar. It is not possible to make a proper photograph from the outside, since there is only a sheer drop in front of the entrance.

As you climb up the hill top where Beni Barka was placed, the view on top of you is quite impressive. There is quite a bit remaining of the walls, and they are shaped as a continuation of the mountain, making the ksar more impregnable. The entrance to the ksar is among the remaining parts that still are in one piece. As the path to the entrance is coming up from one side with a sheer drop on the other side — and not leading you directly to it — there is no possibility to appreciate it from the outside.

By Tore Kjeilen