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1. White mosque

2. Inside the houses

3. The Kalaat


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Hillside cave village
Not unlike Chenini, Douiret is a village that has been cut out of the hillside, and follows the mountain for about a kilometre. Except at the centre, around the white, simple, and beautiful mosque, it's only one street. Douiret is now very much abandoned, and only a handful of the houses are inhabited. The effect is striking, even if houses all have the same colour as the mountain behind, and it is really only the kalaat on top of the hill right behind the mosque, as well as the white mosque itself, that is visible from a distance.

Douiret, Tunisia

According to reports from 1850, about 3,500 people lived here in the time when Douiret was a caravan relay post. Today, only 5 families, with 20-30 members keep up the tradition. They have even taken care of their Berber language.
But what is happening now is that all young are not only leaving old Douiret in order to live in the new, and dull, settlement a bit down the valley,- are also changing into Arabic language.
When you walk along the one long street, you'll see some few women dressed in colourful, traditional garment, still staring surprised at you even after all these years of tourism, you'll see small goats and all the small doors that often are highly ornamented. The main income of Douiret is olives, and the oil is pressed here by camel-powered constructions.

By Tore Kjeilen