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1. The Roman Pools

2. The Kasbah

3. Traditional quarters

4. The oasis

5. Jewish bath


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The historical oasis
Gafsa, Tunisia

The Great Mosque, which is the most common backdrop of the Roman pools on most photos.

Gafsa, Tunisia

Oasis gardens with the rock in the back, from where there are great views over the town and the oasis.

Gafsa is the main city of its region, and the centre of the profitable phosphate industry. Unlike the towns closer to the mines, Metlaoui and Moulares, it has not been turned into a dust hell. Gafsa is a modern town, busy and friendly, but without many tourists. Those coming here, most often stay only for the night before they head in direction of the mountain oases of Mides and Tamerza, or travel down to the region around Tozeur.
But Gafsa certainly warrants a stop in itself. The Roman pools, the kasbah and traditional quarters are all interesting and visually appealing. The Roman pools is the only sights of its kind in all of Tunisia.
Gafsa has a long history, going back to at least Numidian times. It was destroyed in 107 BCE by the Romans in their campaign against Jugurtha, but would become an important Roman city, reflected in the beauty and size of the pools. The Roman influence was so strong that there are reports of Latin being spoken here as late as the 12th century.
Gafsa, Tunisia

From the modern quarters of Gafsa.

By Tore Kjeilen