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Ghar el-Melh

Ghar el-Melh

1. The port

2. The fortress

3. Sunset


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Old pirates' port

Ghar el-Melh, Tunisia

The past is fascinating, when the Porto Farina of the 17th century was the base of pirates and smugglers. Their activities continued well into the 19th century, when piracy was checked by European states. Porto Farina became navel base but not for long, the lagoon had started to silt up. What is left today, is a soft low scale village, where life is never rushed.
Hanging around here for a little time, is an excellent way of relaxing. The green hills behind the white houses, the colourful fishing boats in the nice port are together with fortresses more sights than you would expect from such a small settlement.
Ghar el-Melh, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen