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1. Houmt Souq

2. Diversity

3. Borj el-Kebir

4. Zone touristique

5. Hara Sghira

6. Hara Kebira

7. Guellala

8. Lonely mosque

9. Mosque of the Turkish mother

10. Jama' Fadloud

11. Jama' Ghizen

12. Jama' Mastiri

13. Jama' Mazline

14. Jama' Mezraya

15. Jama' Tajdid

16. Underground oil-press in Midoun

17. Aghir

18. Sponges and octopuses


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Still quite Jewish
There are as many as 11 synagogues here, and close to 1,000 Jews make up a substantial part of the population. As this is a place where people work, there are little to see of normal tourist attractions, but while walking around the place, you can look out for the signs in blue colour that have been painted on doorways to guard the families against the evil eye. These signs vary, but are fish, hands, or candelabras.

Hara Kbira, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen