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1. Houmt Souq

2. Diversity

3. Borj el-Kebir

4. Zone touristique

5. Hara Sghira

6. Hara Kebira

7. Guellala

8. Lonely mosque

9. Mosque of the Turkish mother

10. Jama' Fadloud

11. Jama' Ghizen

12. Jama' Mastiri

13. Jama' Mazline

14. Jama' Mezraya

15. Jama' Tajdid

16. Underground oil-press in Midoun

17. Aghir

18. Sponges and octopuses


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Jama' Mazline
Jama' Mazline, Jerba, Tunisia

This mosque is located half way between Jama' Fadloud and Jama' Tajdid, and is typical of most small mosques that you stumble over on Jerba. There is little special to it, but easy to find, it is worth a short stop.

By Tore Kjeilen