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1. Inside the fortress

2. The town


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Quiet and clean
Kelibia, Tunisia

Kelibia, Tunisia

Kelibia is a dusty little town with a couple of charming spots. As is the case with too many Tunisian towns, it is over-extended, and when you need to get around, prepare for far longer walks than you would expect in a city of 10,000. The centre of Kelibia, is small but white and picturesque, even the "modern" parts. The beach is long and clean, the water is clear, and there are few foreigners around, just Tunisians enjoying themselves.
Kalibia's main attraction is the fort, lying north of the town, visible from wherever you are. The hill rises 150 above sea level, the sea is right below.
People out here are friendly, and Kelibia offers one of the best combinations of tranquillity, Tunisians and beach. But bring a book if you want to have fun in the evenings.
Kelibia, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen