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1. Houses and streets

2. Private baths

3. Museum and the wooden coffin


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Houses and streets
Kerkouane, Tunisia

Kerkouane, Tunisia

Around the site the layout is clearly visible and many houses still show their walls. A few places the coloured clay on the facades has survived. Other details to look out for are curbstones, doorsteps and thresholds.
House of Kerkouane were all built according to the same patterns, usually secluded from the street and with a courtyard in front. In from the courtyards the other rooms were located.
House walls were built according to a typical style for North Africa of its time, with rubble set in between larger, upright stones holding the structure together. This technique, called opus africanum by the Romans, was employed even for the the Capitol at Dougga. A few of the houses are believed to have been of two storeys.
Many of the houses have nice red floors, which were made from old pottery and set with small marble chips (first and second photos).
Main streets were wide, often up to 4 metres between the house walls (lower photo).
Kerkouane, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen