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1. The hutted camp

2. The micro-oasis

3. Forest in the desert


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Green heart of the desert
At the moment when you arrive in Remada (probably from the north, 80 km of good road from Tataouine) you will have passed through long stretches of almost uninhabited desert. You will have passed one or two houses lying isolated near a tiny well, so Remada comes as quite a shock, and from quite different reasons than you might expect. Around this small town there is a forest and it all looks fresh and friendly. It is not like an oasis, the forest has trees that normally grows in the north of Tunisia.

Remada, Tunisia

Remada, Tunisia

The town centre is nice enough, but of course nothing impressive since this is a small town. While walking around the town centre, you will have no problems discovering the military presence. Many houses are military (with photo prohibitions), there are many uniformed soldiers in the streets, and there is near total dominance of men in the streets.
I came on the weekly market day, and while the market is small it is still interesting to watch. Men come out of the desert to sell simple products, some few vegetables and camels. The last merchandise is most interesting from a visitors point of view: Too many "camel markets" in North Africa are only staged for tourism, but the one in Remada is real.

By Tore Kjeilen